5. Discussions and Conclusions

5 Discussion and Conclusions

5.1 Key findings

Three of the concepts that most frequently come up are forces, moments and energy.

5.2 Comparisons with other designs based on research

Our final design is similar to most designs in terms of function and its main principles. However, our car design went for a more minimalistic approach to minimise weight and inertia.

5.3 Evaluation of engineering goals

We have achieved most of our set goals very well. However, there is still room for improvement especially with the time management aspect.

5.4 Areas for improvement

Our schedules were different and there was much difficulty in trying to get everyone together. We also tried to divide and conquer but there was poor communication and this strategy could not be carried out properly.

5.5 Practical Applications

The development Aerodynamics to create more energy efficient vehicles as well as in lever systems.

5.6 Areas for further study

5.7 Bibliography

McCoy, K. (2010, July 29). Mousetrap cars. Retrieved 2014, February 20 from http://mesa.eng.uci.edu/Resources/Students/Mousetrap_Car_General.pdf

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